Monday, March 31, 2008

the diary of over-spenders.

the suspects.

in case you didnt know, Demitri and I are always broke. well, not always, but most of the time. why you ask? well, its because demitri and i spend our money on useless crap! everytime we come across some money we want to spend spend spend. both him and i DO NOT know how to save a cent, thats prolly why we are great friends, because we can go to walmart together and spend a shitload of money and not feel bad about it until 3 days after when we dont have any money and have to scrounge for change to take to coinstar to buy a pack of smokes. im only 23 and i already have bad credit and my bank accounts are always over-drafted. i havent had a bank account for the past 4 months and today i just went to the bank to re-open my account, and my goal is to not over-draft it EVER AGAIN! and to keep the devil debit card at home when i go out.
i just did my taxes today and im getting back a good amount of money, and of course my first reaction when i saw how much i was getting back was "HOLY POOP IM BUYING AN IPHONE!" and of course i got really excited about it and didnt think that an iphone is 400 skrills and that would cut the amount of money im getting back in half, then i thought about it, and thought about it some more, then i was thinking that maybe i should hold off on buying an iphone until i have a job. and as you all know since im going to school full-time and i dont have a job, my wallet is pretty much running empty. so hopefully, when i get my return directly deposited into my bank account in 2 days i wont get really excited and go straight to the apple store and buy and iphone. eeeeven though an iphone would make my life a whole lot easier, with all the scheduling i need to do, all the things i need to update and yadda yadda yadda. lets see if i can hold out. keep your fingers crossed for me.
so, demitri and i talked today and we have decided to make a pact on not buying anything big for the next 2 weeks. we need to stay strong! he already has the itch and im getting the itch and i dont even have the money yet!


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

haha- good luck! i, too, would LOVE an iPhone. just think though, the second you buy one they will come out with one cheaper and cooler and better. that always stops me. :)

KristenE. said...

You are too funny...If I were single, I would do the same thing as you. Spend foolishly as long as you can because once you et married and have kids, you can kiss that goodbye!

echoallred said...

erika-- i tagged you. go over to my blog to get the questions then answer them on your blog and then you tag 5 other people! happy tagging.

bryce said...

hahaha, yes! money is money.
they say it can't buy happiness..but it does buy cool shit!

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

where are you my friend? :)

KristenE. said...

More posts please!!!