Friday, March 21, 2008

learning to live without money.

im not used to being broke. but for the past year ive been nothing but, not only broke, shit broke. im surprised ive even gone this far. and im stoked on having to deal with it. its really made me look at things a lot different. i usually buy a whole bunch of shit i would never need or use (ok, so i still do that every now and then hahah) and i just end up with a messy room with a while bunch of crap i dont need. but now i try and only get the shit i need with the money i have. as long as laughing all the time, i dont need a dime. what im getting at is, i wasnt able to get that loan. which is a good thing in the end, even though i do need the money, i know for a fact it is better that i dont have it. im working on getting 2 jobs as well, and if i have to go to school part time for a few months thats fine. ill be ok. i have great friends and a life full of laughter and thats all ill ever need.


echoallred said...

i totally understand the broke thing. marc and i keep saying, "next semester will be better" but it honestly never really is. but we somehow make it though. you will too i just know it!