Wednesday, March 19, 2008

take it one day at a time.

school is a lot better this week. im think im starting to get the hang of things...knock on wood. im still somewhat stressing about it though, but mainly because of the fact that my cash flow is non-existent. i talked to my director yesterday about possibly taking out a loan for personal and school expenses but they only do that when you take out a loan for tuition and then they link it up with that, so since i payed for my tuition myself and did not take out a loan i wont be able to get any kind of living expense loan, which sucks. but my director is going to try and hook me up with a part-time reception job at one of the paul brown salons and im going to apply at the rred elephant cafe.

so going to school full time and 2 part time jobs? lets hope my head doesnt fall off!


echoallred said...

hey erika i hope you don't mind my stalker tendencies but i found your blog through stephs. i am glad that school is going better for you. if you need a head to practice on...i am your girl.

erika lynn said...

yayyyyyy. i was hoping that you were stalking me!!!!!! i was stalking you as well. i saw that post on your hair roller disaster and i just learned how to do roller sets!!!
i miss your pretty face!