Monday, March 31, 2008

the diary of over-spenders.

the suspects.

in case you didnt know, Demitri and I are always broke. well, not always, but most of the time. why you ask? well, its because demitri and i spend our money on useless crap! everytime we come across some money we want to spend spend spend. both him and i DO NOT know how to save a cent, thats prolly why we are great friends, because we can go to walmart together and spend a shitload of money and not feel bad about it until 3 days after when we dont have any money and have to scrounge for change to take to coinstar to buy a pack of smokes. im only 23 and i already have bad credit and my bank accounts are always over-drafted. i havent had a bank account for the past 4 months and today i just went to the bank to re-open my account, and my goal is to not over-draft it EVER AGAIN! and to keep the devil debit card at home when i go out.
i just did my taxes today and im getting back a good amount of money, and of course my first reaction when i saw how much i was getting back was "HOLY POOP IM BUYING AN IPHONE!" and of course i got really excited about it and didnt think that an iphone is 400 skrills and that would cut the amount of money im getting back in half, then i thought about it, and thought about it some more, then i was thinking that maybe i should hold off on buying an iphone until i have a job. and as you all know since im going to school full-time and i dont have a job, my wallet is pretty much running empty. so hopefully, when i get my return directly deposited into my bank account in 2 days i wont get really excited and go straight to the apple store and buy and iphone. eeeeven though an iphone would make my life a whole lot easier, with all the scheduling i need to do, all the things i need to update and yadda yadda yadda. lets see if i can hold out. keep your fingers crossed for me.
so, demitri and i talked today and we have decided to make a pact on not buying anything big for the next 2 weeks. we need to stay strong! he already has the itch and im getting the itch and i dont even have the money yet!

Monday, March 24, 2008

there arent enough hours in the day.

i just want to keep on going.

Friday, March 21, 2008

learning to live without money.

im not used to being broke. but for the past year ive been nothing but, not only broke, shit broke. im surprised ive even gone this far. and im stoked on having to deal with it. its really made me look at things a lot different. i usually buy a whole bunch of shit i would never need or use (ok, so i still do that every now and then hahah) and i just end up with a messy room with a while bunch of crap i dont need. but now i try and only get the shit i need with the money i have. as long as laughing all the time, i dont need a dime. what im getting at is, i wasnt able to get that loan. which is a good thing in the end, even though i do need the money, i know for a fact it is better that i dont have it. im working on getting 2 jobs as well, and if i have to go to school part time for a few months thats fine. ill be ok. i have great friends and a life full of laughter and thats all ill ever need.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

take it one day at a time.

school is a lot better this week. im think im starting to get the hang of things...knock on wood. im still somewhat stressing about it though, but mainly because of the fact that my cash flow is non-existent. i talked to my director yesterday about possibly taking out a loan for personal and school expenses but they only do that when you take out a loan for tuition and then they link it up with that, so since i payed for my tuition myself and did not take out a loan i wont be able to get any kind of living expense loan, which sucks. but my director is going to try and hook me up with a part-time reception job at one of the paul brown salons and im going to apply at the rred elephant cafe.

so going to school full time and 2 part time jobs? lets hope my head doesnt fall off!

Monday, March 17, 2008

emotional breakdowns and the greatest friends ever.

so, ive only been in school for a week and it is taking a major toll on my emotions. im already extreamly burnt out, and ive already considered quitting. yes, i know its only been a week...but, with everything else going on i dont think i can do it sometimes.
i should just put all the other stuff on the back burner and mainly focus on school, but anyone that knows me knows i that i cannot do that. for some reason i always put way too much on my plate and try to handle everything all at once at the same time. i know its so bad for me but i dont know how to handle one thing at a time. im so used to handling everything all at once and always in the end i explode into an emotional mess.

thats what happend yesterday. i completely broke down while i was driving to kaneohe to meet up with demitri and his dad. i was going to just turn around and go home but demitri kept pushing to meet up and get hugs. he is the greatest friend in the world, i met up with them and they cracked jokes and gave me hugs and of course they made me feel so much better.

i know i need to cut back on the partying and staying up late for sure and focus on school.

hopefully this week will be better.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

the past 2 days have been crazy.

so, yesterday i started school and oh man let me tell you, i hated it. for some reason i forgot that i am attending a school which almost all the students are girls, and we all know how girls can be. so there was a good amount of bitchy vibes and stink looks. it was pretty awkward.

this is pretty much how i felt all day.

but i got a sweet suitcase full of goodies and creepy mannequins.

my sissors are sharp as heck. and those babys were 600 bucks! what the hell?! who pays 600 dollars for a pair of sissors? i do apparently.

when school got out i went to my car and ended up paying 21 big ones for parking i was soo upset i was ready to scream, and i was not in the mood to deal with traffic going home so i called up geoff and went to the cove, then we went to magoos and we all got hammered without the intent of getting hammered.geoff and his corndogs

brian and me being weirdos.

dave and richard.

cant go wrong with 6 dollar pitchers!



i knew that was going to be a horrible idea right as i was taking that first sip of beer, but hey im always down for horrible ideas and having fun.
we prolly only stayed there for an hour and a half and we drunkos by the time we left.

we went back to the cove and drank more (again, shitty idea), and had a bunch more fun. i ended up leaving at 1130 with a plan to go home and do homework, but that didnt happen cause richard came over to kick it, which was wayyy better than doing homework (=

i didnt end up going to bed until 3 in the morning.

woke up at 6. went to school super tired.

today was a way better day at school though. we cut our mannequins hair. it was a 0 degree cut. that was exciting!

OH YEAH! best thing i ever saw in my life. so i was walking to rred lion to get coffee on my lunch break and this asian lady had this pomeranian and i swear this is what happend...THE DOG DID A HANDSTAND AND PEED!

i neeeeed to go to bed.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

i cant sleep.

and i start school in the morning!

i was running around all day long gathering things that i need for school, and of course i got distracted from what i needed to get and got something i didnt need at all, a new pair of sunglasses. i prolly have 25 pairs of sunglasses, buttttttt the ones i bought today are my new favorite. and the best part of it is that they were only 5 bucks! come to think of it, most of my sunglasses werent more then 20 bucks. i dont believe in spending more then 20 bucks on sunglasses, all the cheap ones look cooler anyways. (=


im really excited/nervous to start school tomorrow. im not looking foward to waking up at 6 every morning/dealing with traffic to town/dealing with traffic home/not having a life for the next year. but i know it will be worth it. i need to do something with my life instead of wasting it away with sleepless night, dead end jobs, and booze. dont get me wrong i love my life and im not going to completely stop the fun, BUT i need to do something more productive.

its 1:26 in the morning and i need to try and sleep because i need to wake up in 4 and a half hours!


Saturday, March 8, 2008

welcome to my life.

well, well, well.

years after abandoning my xanga and losing interest in my livejournal, i have decided to start blogging again, thanks to the lovely stephanie robertson. and i figure since im starting school next week tuesday, my life is going to turn into a bigger mess of busyness than it already is and the only free-time ill have to myself will most likely be spent on the computer.

so get ready for fun-filled post filled with my adventures in beauty school, pictures, rants and raves, crazy things, stupid things, sappy emo shit, stress, fun, and everything else that makes up my life!